Faerie Spells Slots

Faerie Spells Slots

Fairies have appeared in plenty of slots over the years… but what about faeries? We're unsure whether they're different from each other but it doesn't much matter here. We have played Faerie Spells slots to see if they do have a spellbinding game to share.

It looks superb from the beginning, but what is underneath that appearance? Join us as we relay our experience and lay out the info for you.

Developer information to begin our review

If the name sounds familiar, you might have seen this slot listed alongside others from the same developer… and that's Betsoft.

Does practice make you perfect?

Since slots are not based on performance, the demo won't assure you that you'll do better in the real game. It does, however, ensure you know what to expect.

You can work out the theme easily, we're sure

Yes, this one has faeries in it, showing us around their forest and indulging in a little magic along the way. It does feel like a magical rendition of a faery-themed slot, so we leave it to you to see whether you like it as much as we did.

Faerie Spells design elements

The appearance of a game does help to elevate it above rival slot games. This one does a superb job of setting the scene and pulling us into the experience - just as an excellent slot should do.

How do you play Faerie Spells?

There are five reels to play on, which is common enough… but you may be surprised to see four progressive jackpots on the screen too. Each one gets bigger than the one before, with the Riches jackpot reaching the biggest sums.

A tree guardian lives in the forest and appears on the reels as the wild. It doesn't replace the scattered toadstool or another vital character, the Faerie Queen. Everything else is replaceable though when looking for prizes.

Paylines in Faerie Spells slots

The game only has 10 lines, so that might come as a surprise. You'll need to play all 10 as they're fixed lines.

Get ready to bet…

Faerie Spells qualifies as a penny slot, giving you a low 10-cent wager to get things started if you play. You can choose other coins too, with the biggest of all being a $10 coin.

Paytable information for Faerie Spells

If you're checking your balance for playing the game, you'll spot the paytable next to that total. It means you can view it with just one click or tap from the game screen.

Any bonuses in this slot game?

We'd love to say yes but there are none in this case.

Free spins more than make up for the lack of a bonus though

The Faerie Queen can appear three times on the reels to give you a chance to play some free games. Not only does she unlock the freebies if you find her three times, but she'll also award a bonus prize if you spot a toadstool on each side of her on the reels.

Once you're through to the free games, you'll play them on a second reel set. These are known as the Jackpot Reels and yes, the progressives can appear on those reels. There is more though because rather than playing on just 10 lines, the bigger 5 x 4 set of reels offers a massive 1,024 ways to win instead.

How many spins do you get? It depends how many times the queen appears in the spin that unlocks them. Three would lead to 10 games while four grants you 15 games. Best of all are the 25 games awarded for five Faerie Queens.

There is more though - faerie treasure can appear during the spins, with the diamond scatter symbol leading to prizes, so watch the reels to see just what might happen during this part of the game.

RTP percentage

We can confirm this game comes in with a 96.03% percentage on the return to player score.

Our rating goes high for this one

Can you work out how high? You can certainly try this game to see what you think of it, but our experience of it demands a score no lower than nine points out of 10.

Have we heard of any jackpot winners?

We have no news for you at the time of writing this review, but if that changes and we learn of a winner, we'll reveal it here. With four progressives on the go, it can't be long before one drops… right?

Faerie Spells in demo mode

Demo or practice, call it whatever you like… it's a smart way to see how the slot works and to meet the various characters of the forest.

Play the real version at participating sites today

Plenty of casinos have the Faerie Spells slot, so if it has cast a spell on you, you'll easily be able to find it.

Mobile access on Android and iOS

Choose whichever platform you prefer and take the inhabitants of the forest with you wherever you go.