Safari Sam 2 Slots

Yes, Safari Sam is back, and this time he's got a friend called Pam along for the journey as well. The first Safari Sam slot game offered many features and a superb 3D presentation. It's hard to see how it could be improved, yet the creator has managed to achieve the impossible.

So, let's guide you through this animal-filled slot to find out what Sam and Pam have in store for you.

Created by the original developer

You can work out that Betsoft is in action again here, bringing their knowledge and expertise into play and improving on the first Safari Sam game in the process.

We can play for practice reasons first

The demo is always available, so you could play this slot whenever you like at a participating casino without spending a penny on it.

Another outing for the safari theme

We haven't seen too many slots using the safari theme, and Safari Sam and this sequel are certainly among our favorites.

Another epic 3D design

3D slots bring you into the action in ways 2D ones simply cannot do. That holds true for this game as well, so you can see how dramatic everything looks when you load it to meet Sam and Pam.

How to play the Safari Sam 2 slot sequel

They use the same format as the first game had - a 5 x 3 reel set. You won't see any progressive prizes. The wild compass is useful to find for obvious reasons. You can also spot a tree on the scatter symbol, and this has a role of its own to play later in the game.

How many paylines can you bet on?

There are 50 lines in action in this game, which is 20 more than we got in the original game. They're also fixed, so covering the lot is necessary here.

A surprisingly small opening bet

Normally, a 50-line game would give you a 50-cent minimum bet. However, Betsoft has changed this to a mere 20 cents, so it's an appealing game to play for that reason alone.

Paytable details for Safari Sam 2

We hope you're getting plenty of info from our review, but we still suggest you look through the paytable details when you first look at the game. It only takes a second and you'll be glad you did.

Bonus potential in this safari-themed slot game

Watch for some Safari Stacks to appear on the reels. If you get the same icon in each of the three positions on the same reel, they drop into the bottom area… but only after paying out for that prize. With new symbols appearing on the top two spots, it could mean you get another prize or two. If another stack appears, the process repeats itself.

You could also take advantage of the Call of the Wilds. This occurs randomly, with one or more reels covered in wild compasses whenever it occurs.

Finding some free spins

Three scattered trees are enough to bring you seven free spins. However, four trees would get you 12 spins and five would bring in 20 spins.

We mentioned the Call of the Wilds feature just now, and when you get your free spins, you'll see this usually random feature on every single one of them. Also present is the chance to find Safari Stacks. The only difference is that if you do get a stack, the reel then fills with wilds instead.

A solid RTP in play here

It reaches an impressive 96.3%.

What's our rating?

There was plenty to like about the original game and we love this one just as much. It ranks on the 9.5 out of 10 scale with our team.

Winning potential and how to find it

The paytable tells you where all the prizes could appear and how much each one might be worth. Check that out to get the details before you play.

The demo plays out just as you'd expect

While your practice experience may not mirror the experience you could have with the real game, it does give you the opportunity to explore the game in further detail.

Play for real to travel with Sam and Pam today

Even if you'd never consider a safari for real, you can go on this one with your two hosts to see whether there are prizes in store.

Play Safari Sam 2 on Android and iOS

It's looking its best on smaller screens too, although you'll use touchscreen controls in this case.